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Butterfly valve connection can be divided into: the folder, a single folder, flange

Issuing time:2019-09-10 00:00

Butterfly valve connection can be divided into: the folder, a single folder, flange

Small diameter butterfly valve is generally used to clamp or single clip way to connect more, generally DN25-DN450 diameter. Diameter above DN500 is generally recommended to use flange connection. Butterfly valve minimum DN25, the valve body for the aluminum alloy material, can replace the diaphragm for sampling parts. The position of the level gauge is generally selected.

On the manual butterfly valve: DN200 and above to use the worm butterfly valve, now I also produce low-torque butterfly valve, DN300 can also use the handle mode.

According to industry regulations DN250 and above the folder-type butterfly valve is generally used butterfly valve flange connection. The best supply by the butterfly valve manufacturers.

Diaphragm valve: According to the structure is divided into: weir diaphragm valve (A-TXXXX) and through-type diaphragm (KB-TXXXX), all-pass diaphragm (K-TXXXX). The connection is flanged.

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