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Tianjin valve selection and layout!

Issuing time:2019-09-10 00:00

Tianjin valve selection and layout!

The main function of the valve is to turn on or cut off the fluid passage, adjust and throttling, adjust the pressure and release excess pressure and prevent backflow and so on.

Butterfly valve with a small size, light weight and open and close the characteristics of a certain degree of regulation. As the butterfly valve plate movement with a wipe, so most of the butterfly valve can be used for suspension of solid particles with the medium, used in the slurry pipeline butterfly valve with lined butterfly valve and alloy steel butterfly valve. Butterfly valve structure length and overall height is small, open and close speed, in full open, with a smaller fluid resistance, more suitable for desulfurization slurry (low pressure fluid) system. According to the connection type butterfly valve can be divided into flange connection and folder connection. In addition, the butterfly valve sealing is poor, the use of pressure and operating temperature range is small, some demanding occasions do not recommend the use of butterfly valve.

Diaphragm valve (in the slurry system is best to use through-type valve) is the valve body can be made with flexible rubber or plastic diaphragm as a closing element, and the valve body cavity and the valve cover separated from a valve. Diaphragm valve has a good sealing, flow resistance is small and the price is relatively low, but the diaphragm mechanical life is shorter. Diaphragm valves can be used in corrosive media containing hard suspended solids and can be installed anywhere in the slurry piping.

Ball valve is widely used in recent years, the valve, it has a small fluid resistance, simple structure, reliable sealing, wide range of applications, flexible operation and so on. At the same time, the ball valve in the fully open when the ball and seal the sealing surface and the media isolation, high-speed valve through the valve will not erode the sealing surface, increasing the service life of the ball valve. The ball valve can be used in the slurry pipe. In the gypsum discharge to a cyclone feed pipe and limestone slurry into the absorption tower pipeline also use the electric control valve, the control valve must have anti-corrosion function.

Check valves are only used in water and air ducts and check valves should not be used in the slurry system.

Flushing and discharging of valves and slurry loops should be as close as possible to the main pipe to avoid clogging; in general, it is advisable to use pneumatic actuators in places where people are difficult to operate or often use valves; All the valve installation location should be easy to operate, maintenance and repair, installation of the valve should be set too high operating platform; adjacent to the layout of the valve, the hand wheel between the net distance should not be less than 100mm; for the horizontal arrangement of the valve, The valve stem should not be lower than the horizontal pipe, the valve stem should not face down; riser valve hand wheel installation height should be 1.2 ~ 1.5m; butterfly valve in the installation, the valve to stop in the closed position, and It should be noted that the lower part of the valve plate in the valve at the time of opening the media flow direction.

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