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Two-way sealed butterfly valve knowledge Daquan!

Issuing time:2019-09-10 00:00

Two-way sealed butterfly valve knowledge Daquan!

Usually the traditional butterfly valve, due to its structural reasons, in the opposite direction (not conducive to the direction of sealing) working pressure, can not be a good seal, the current national standards are not mandatory mandatory two-way seal. This is because:

1. Self-sealing design concept

The valve seal is directly fitted with a rubber in a zigzag shape without the use of a compression ring or a bolt, thereby avoiding the use of a conventional bolt-type seal and the resulting unevenness of the seal, causing the bolt to fall off and the seal is prematurely damaged The problem. The sealing ring in the opposite direction under the action of the pressure, resulting in self-sealing force, so that the seal pressure increases, the seal ring valve seat, the greater the pressure in the opposite direction, the greater the self-sealing force, so that the seal and the valve seat Combined with close, to achieve the effect of two-way seal.

2. Valve flap good, not easy to deformation

Butterfly valve DN300 above the valve plate for the double plate truss flow structure, flow resistance is small, good rigidity, in the opposite direction of the working pressure, not easy to produce deformation, so that the valve will not be deformed with the valve from the seat of the best sealing point , Thus ensuring the sealing effect of the seal.

3. Rubber ring long life

(1) due to the use of self-sealing design concept, rubber ring and stainless steel seat between the smaller amount of interference is to maintain the initial seal, so the seal required by the pressure is increased with the system pressure increases.

(2) In addition, there is a so-called "breathing" groove reserved for rubber elasticity in the serrated groove, so that the rubber has a constant expansion space when it is under pressure, so that it does not cause elastic fatigue in the long-term work, The life of the circle is much larger than that of the traditional type.

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